A selection of short films we have created by us in the past


Poor Céline • Evolver • Ouroboros • Axa - Davo • Anna Tomic

2. GUARDIANS / Vectorline

Light installation. Laser-cut duplex sheet

3. LET THERE BE LIFE / Global Illumination

An immersive video projection about the beginning of life


Concept and art direction: David Vigh, Antonin Krizanic


Animators: Kati Katona, Kála Nagy, Ákos Ezer, Antonin Krizanic, Bettina Vöröss, Balázs Klárik, Gábor Fóris Ferenczi, Benjamin Sípos

Sound: Dure Holiday

Installation: Kiégő Izzók

4. IRIS / BoseCollins

3d printed artwork with video mapping


Directors: Nin Bose, Nathan Collins, Dávid Vigh


Animators: Bettina Vöröss, Ádám Zeke, Kála Nagy, Benjámin Szilágyi, Balázs Klárik, Kati Katona

5. DIVINE CLOCKWORK / Global Illumination

Video installation


Animators: Balázs Klárik, Dávid Vigh

Sound: Takkra

6. A KÉPZELET ÉSZLELÉSE / Nagy András László (XYZ)

3D printed artefact luminokinematic postamens (30x30x90)


Perception is the understanding of sensory information and the realization of consciousness. All perception involves a set of signals transmitted through the nervous system that result from physical or chemical stimulation of the sensory organs. Our perception of reality is based on the continuity of the momentary states thus recorded. The perception of the imagination, however, is wholly independent

of physical space and is only compelled by our actual experience and memory images to recognize the pattern of the process. Due to the inertia of our eyes, we perceive still images in rapid succession as a process of movement, but our perception of reality as thus formed can easily be challenged by the effects of ambient light.


3D printed kinetic artefact, light installation and video mapping


The idea was conceived during the covid pandemic, when contact and communal living was forbidden.


The installation combines the desire for contact with the core of consciousness. Male and female hands alike thirst for spiritual awakening. The core of knowledge, as the highest vibrating entity, emanates sacral patterns, thus speaking to us. This is the light that the hands wish to reach.


In order to achieve duality, the installation has 2 states that alternate continuously: one in which the light from the core of the consciousness spreads out in space, casting shadows on the environment. The other is when, through light painting, patterns and energy ramps are projected onto the arms and the core.


Concept and animation: Antonin Krizanic

3d printing and implementation: Vectorline

Light design: Péter Márton

8. PATTERNS OF HARMONY / Gáspár Battha

Projection mapping, acrylic glass, rear-projection foil, two-way mirror foil


When we zoom in or out of nature we find recurrent, familiar shapes such as spheres, triangles, pentagons, and combinations of them. We use these shapes as conceptual tools to define reality, and can therefore consider them as building blocks of the universe. But does the way we perceive spaces and objects actually derive from the universe itself, or is it only an illusion produced by the human sensory system?


Patterns of Harmony seeks the answer to this question by taking a path along the elemental beauty of our nature, all the way to a place far beyond the perceptivity of the human mind: a mesmerising experience as a fractal of illusions, light and reflections, showing you intriguing morphing shapes that are (not?) really there.


Master-project: UdK Berlin

Consultant: Prof. Joachim Sauter

Music: András Tóth

With the great help of: Bori Csontos

9. ACTIVATED / Global Illumination

Projection mapping, 3d print, plexi, mirror foil, LED


Meditation on the interconnectedness of the awakening mind.


Concept: Dávid Vigh

Sculpting: Ákos Ezer

Animation: Dávid Vigh, Ákos Ezer

LED: Márton Péter

3d printing: Vectorline

10. SUBMERGE / Katona Kati

Interactive, immersive projection


Our consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg, our thoughts, emotions and decisions are affected mostly by subsurface processes, the subconscious. The video installation “Submerge” is a journey to our subconscious that reflects the nature of this continuously morphing process.

11. OCEAN ANTHOLOGY / Katona Kati

Interactive, immersive projection


Have you ever been mesmerised by the sight of an endless horizon somewhere near deep water? Have you ever looked at the ocean to discover the constant activity and change of its magical surface? Sometimes it can be calm, other times it can be extremely turbulent. During stormy times, droplets rise and form into waves until the waves crash back to the surface. Although the droplets appear to be separate, they are not - they are an integral part of the ocean. The surface is like a shiny layer, but it is also a manifestation of the underlying vastness.

12. INNER HORIZONS / Global Illumination

3d carved statue


The discovery of inner horizons which mysteriously coincide with the external ones is an ecstatic experience. The realisation of where we really stand in a universal context is both enlightening and soothing. At that magical moment, the hermetic truth unfolds:


“That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above..”


Concept: Dávid Vigh

Modelling: Ákos Ezer, Dávid Vigh

Animation: David Vigh, Máté Fekete, András Mátis, Nikolett Győrvári

3d carving: Rita Vágó @ BK studio

Implementation: Vectorline

Sound: Takkra


Video Installation


Imperfect Copies is an installation based on real-time juxtapositions of human faces in a rigid grid structure. It’s designed to be projected in a panoramic manner or in an environment where the image covers all four walls with a mirror floor/ceiling thus fully immersing the viewer in a sea of coexisting faces.


The software fueling the installation is endowed with a face detection AI, which searches trough and streams the images of thousands of online cameras dispersed all around the globe on which concurrently a human face appears. The rigid structure of the projected images is thus contrasts with their constant fluctuation as the faces appear and disappear in the cameras field of vision, meanwhile a multi-channel audio is being generated based on the inputs.


The installation provides the visitor with an immersive experience and might provoke thoughts about the importance or insignificance of the individuum, their simultaneous presence and utter isolation.

14. WE ARE MEMBRANES / Global Illumination

Interactive installation, video mapping


We are membranes. We resonate. We are unique. We are vibration. We are connected. We are natural, We are divine. We react. We interact. We are rhythm, We are sound, We are colour, We are light, We are order, We are chaos. We are complex, We are simple. We are limited, We are infinite. We all resonate. In a unique way. We are membranes.


Concept: Dávid Vigh

TouchDesigner magic by NA’AVI (Infimensions)

Sound: Dure

Implementation: Vectorline

15. CUBE / Global Illumination

Collective Video Installation


Animation: Balázs Klárik, Attila Márk Kőrös , Bettina Vöröss David Vigh, Anna Stekovics, Benjamin Szilágyi

Sound: Axa, Takkra

Implementation: Vectorline

16. BIOMORPH LAND / Susan Kosti

CNC cut, LED illuminated artwork


Originally created as a stage design for Punnany Massif’s acoustic concert series, the artist’s aim was to present an ideal of vitality, unity of form and emotion. The installation is a testimony to the fascination with the forms of the organic world, where one can observe how nature shapes itself. The structure is cut by straight lines at the top and bottom, showing that man tries to approach everything

with straight lines but that in nature there are only curves and arcs. The natural form is given a new structure of being thanks to the LED lighting and we are confronted with a monumental work brought to life as the subject of a play of light.


Implementation: Vectorline

17. TRANSMUTATION / Global Illumination

Projection mapping, 3d printed statue


The evolutional phases of the development of the soul. The unfolding of the divine component condensed into one moment. Like if the viewer was watching this divine transformation from a timeless perspective. Such transformation often takes for eons to complete.


Concept: Dávid Vigh

3d modelling: Bence Mezei

Animation: David Vigh, Kála Nagy, Nikolett Győrvári

Nagy András László (XYZ)

3d printing: Vectorline


Thank you for being with us at the 2022 exhibition!

We are already working hard on the next chapter, see you in 2023!