Interactive multimedia installation

Artists: Weidi Zhang, Rodger Luo

Share a personal memory in one sentence! You can speak any language!

ReCollection is an AI art experience that synthesizes personal memories based on users’ language input, blurring the boundaries between remembrance and imagination through AI system design and experimental visualization. Beyond its potential as a future therapeutic prototype for dementia groups, this work provides new possibilities for collective memories and cultural reproduction.

“ReCollection was born of witnessing my grandmother's memory regression due to dementia, where her cherished stories dissolved into fragmented words. Since 2020, over 50 million people have faced this painful reality of memory loss due to Alzheimer's and related dementias. Yet, amidst this poignant backdrop, the emergence of text-to-image AI systems in 2022 offered a glimmer of new perspective, as they harnessed the power of language to imagine and reassemble fragmented memories, possibly to weave what time and disease had stolen.

To imagine the future scenario of synthetic memory, narrative, and language, ReCollection was shaped by the following critical design questions: When we coexist with machines, will we accumulate synthetic recollections of collective symbiotic imagination? Is language capable of re-weaving and synthesizing visual memories? How does our collective memory inspire new visual forms and alternative narratives?

ReCollection integrates AI systems and experimental visualization into the design of an interactive art experience. By employing AI techniques like speech recognition, text auto-completion, and text-to-image models, it translates voice inputs of fragmented language into moving computer graphics in real-time. In the art installation, ReCollection invites participants to share their personal memories in one sentence. The AI system then transforms speech to text and automatically fills in details as a completed narrative, generating new visual memories.”