13_Wayfarer for Cinema Mystica

Immersive multimedia instalation

Artists: Weidi Zhang, Sound Design by Weilu Ge

Submerge yourself in the immersive experience!

"Wayfarer for Cinema Mystica" immerses audiences in an audio/visual experience, guiding them through the mythical realm of Tiangou—an AI-generated being named after a Chinese creature embodying both benevolence and malevolence. Training AI models to learn ancient creatures from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, the work introduces reimagined mythical beasts born from ancient imaginations, dating back 4000 years. As Tiangou evolves from a fleeting star to a moon-devouring entity, the narrative explores the delicate balance between curiosity and fear, symbolizing the evolving relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. This mesmerizing adventure, weaving ancient Asian symbols through the transformative lens of AI and generative art, delves into a poetic spectrum of new dualism, inviting contemplation on our perceptions of the unknown and our coexistence with machines.